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Benefit of lic agency as a career

LIC agents, the pillars of this industry, play an indispensable role in making life insurance accessible and understandable to the common person. With deep industry knowledge and a commitment to serving their clients’ best interests, LIC agents act as guides, helping individuals navigate the complex landscape of insurance products.​​


Attractive Commissions

LIC offers attractive commission to its agents on sales of policies. Every sale is liable to receive 35% of the premium amount in the first year of the policy.

Endless Income Potential

Income of an LIC agent keeps growing with the number of policies she/he sells. There is no age of retirement in this job. Thus it offers life-long earning potential

Hereditary Commission

In case of agent’s death while his agency subsists, after agency was in force for two years or over, renewal commission will continue to be payable to his heirs or nominee provided there was a business of not less than Rs. 1 lakh in force at the time of death.

Increasing Income

Each succeeding year’s new sales add to the renewal commission on the previous year’s business. Your renewal commission will grow faster every year, if with increasing expertise, you do more and more business as years roll by.


Although there is no age of retirement for an LIC agent, it rewards its agents with a gratuity of upto Rs.3.00 Lakh on completion of qualifying tenure.

International Recognition

Besides LIC, the global insurance industry also offers attractive rewards to deserving agents working with any of the companies in this industry.

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